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Most talked about Dive Site from our Top 12 List

The shore entry to The Lake

Easily the most talked about dive site of our Top 12 Bonaire Dive Sites is The Lake. We are constantly hearing 'yes, I agree!' or 'Now, where exactly is it?'. So, we've added a couple of photos and our original description to help you out. This is the best site to do your own check-out shore dive away from your dive shop. You can get your tanks wet so to speak and see the double reef at its shallowest point. You may get lucky and see an Eagle Ray (or two), as well.

The entrance from the street as you pass the last house on your right

There is so much to love about The Lake. This was our first dive on the island and still remains one of our favorites. It's easy to find as it's the first site next to the beach villas on the South end of the island. It starts with an easy entry into little to no surf. The Lake has a beautiful double reef with fine hard and soft corals and lots of fish including Rock Beauties, Honeycomb Cowfish, Smooth Trunkfish, Conch, and the occasional Eagle or Southern Stingray soaring over the outer reef. This is the most shallow section you can dive of the double reef. It's an excellent site for both beginners and advanced divers. The name Lake refers to the ‘lake of sand’ between the two reefs.

Please comment below with any questions or suggestions. Happy, happy diving!!

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