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A trip to the Bonaire Arts and Crafts Market is a must-do!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The Bonaire Arts and Crafts Market can be found in Wilhelmina Park right in the middle of Kralendijk most days a ship is in port. It began over 25 years ago with only a few artists and now has over 40 vendors selling authentic, handmade items. They place a high value on conservation to preserve the natural beauty of Bonaire for future generations. We highly recommend scheduling some of your interval (or vacation) time visiting this special place. You can also sample some locally-made delicious food items including Indonesian fare and shaved ice. Below, we will highlight just a few of the different tents you must visit on your trip to the Bonaire Arts and Crafts Market.

The brainchild of Suuz and Eunan, the husband and wife team (and former dive instructors) from the Netherlands & Ireland. Their work was born out of a love for Bonaire's unspoiled natural beauty and their commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. They began as a sail repair company for the many sailboats that dot the island. They still do all types of sailboat fabric repair & kites, but now they offer a full line of carefully selected re-used sails, canvas & other recycled/upcycled materials that include handbags, beach bags, wallets and much, much more!

On your trip to the market make sure you spend some time shopping at the tremendously popular Tortuga Arts, where Dianir and Sipke create the most unique ceramic jewelry. They offer one-of-a-kind, ceramic, nature inspired pendants using a 'nature impression'. Each piece has a unique and vibrant color, and some are even adorned with pearls and sterling silver or gold filled wire. They have a full line of jewelry that will grace you from head to toe (literally). Their constantly changing pieces are inspired by nature and made with love.

Two of Us

Ans and Hans have been living on Bonaire for 25 years. In their hearts, they feel the simplicity and beauty of the island, and their passion for this place is the inspiration for Ans' watercolors and acrylic paintings. You can watch Ans create some of the most striking Bonaire vistas right before your very eyes. She captures with ease the many sights and sounds of this idyllic island. Her work is the perfect way to be reminded of what you love about Bonaire as you gaze across your living room at one of her stunning works. Maybe looking for something a little smaller? No problem, they also have reproductions from her paintings in postcard and small gift form.

Woman painting blue and turquoise beach scene of Bonaire at the Bonaire Arts and Crafts Cruise Market
Ans of the Two of Us paints right before your eyes at the Market

Okay, getting a little parched from all this walking around in the scorching Bonaire sun? Then you must visit Bonaire Sno - they're right in the middle of the park by the stage. Since 2016 they have been serving the most delicious tropical shaved ice in the Caribbean. They make all of their syrups on the island and serve it over the fluffiest, shaved ice that any Nor'easter would be proud of. We recommend the rainbow (of any flavors) in their eco-friendly, reusable souvenir cup! Check out their Facebook page for their weekly schedule - so grab your shaved ice, pull up a bench under a tree, and watch the ocean go by....

There are so many different vendors to see at the Market. But, how can we pass up the opportunity for some shameless self-promotion? Anna and I left Venezuela seven years ago with our daughters Andrea and Genesis for a new life on Bonaire. We were warmed by the smiling faces and rejuvenated by the salty air and continuous breeze. From the beginning, it was important for us to do something that celebrated Bonaire’s complex culture and history. That is how Bonaire Sea Salt was born. We carry everything from scented bath salts, cooking salts, creams and more - all made from scratch and all-natural. If you'd like order from home, we have an online store as well.

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